EE 快速通道即将引入分组邀请


按照加拿大Budget 2023的预告,今年EE将要引入Cateogry-based Selection. 换句话说,邀请(ITA) 的EE档案决定因素将进一步细分。不同于现在ITA规则的分数高低,移民项目( CEC/FST/PNP/FSW),建档时间(Tie-breaking) 3个因素,下半年的EE将要引入第四个邀请因素: Category.


  1. 具备较强法语能力的人,
  2. 具有特定行业的工作经验,包括:健康医疗行业,STEM行业,技工(如水管工等),交通运输行业,农业和农业食品行业。

除了针对各个category(分组)的邀请,常规的全项目(no program specific)邀请应该会继续进行。后续更新将会及时和大家分享解析。

“Everywhere I go, I’ve heard loud and clear from employers across the country who are experiencing chronic labour shortages. These changes to the Express Entry system will ensure that they have the skilled workers they need to grow and succeed. We can also grow our economy and help businesses with labour shortages while also increasing the number of French-proficient candidates to help ensure the vitality of French-speaking communities. Put simply, Canada’s immigration system has never been more responsive to the country’s social or economic needs.”

– The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship




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